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Mississippi Toughest Kids Foundation

Mississippi Toughest Kids Foundation Supporters

Mississippi Toughest Kids Foundation Giddens Law Firm, PA – Long-term Supporters of the Initiatives of the Mississippi Toughest Kids Foundation Started in 2008 by a group of volunteers at a local pediatric cancer camp, the Mississippi Toughest Kids Foundation operates with two goals in mind.  First, they sought to create a coalition among the various […]

Mississippi’s Toughest Kids

Giddens Law Firm participated again this year in the Mississippi’s Toughest Kids golf tournament hosted at Whisper Lake. MTK exists to provide exciting experiences and exploration to children who face serious illnesses, disabilities and special needs. The Giddens Law firm has sponsored a hole and a team at the tournament for the past two years […]

Arbitration Agreements: Just Say No

In the last twenty years arbitration agreements have become increasingly popular in the United States. The agreements are pervasive across any contract between individuals and companies and have been promoted by chambers of commerce and better business bureaus across the country. The language has become standard boilerplate in contracts even though very few people who […]

Zofran Investigated – Possible Link to Cleft Palate, Lip, and Heart Defects

Zofran (ondansetron HCl Dihydrate) is produced by Glaxo Wellcome Pharmaceuticals and is often prescribed to treat nausea during pregnancy. It is not fully known how the drug works but millions in our country have been prescribed this medication in a very free fashion because the potentially dangerous nature of the drug for expectant mothers was […]

Causes we believe in: Mississippi’s Toughest Kids

There are many causes that we feel are worthy to be believed in. The cause of Justice, in the court of law, helping individuals put their lives back together after a catastrophic injury. Another cause that we are wholeheartedly behind is Mississippi’s Toughest Kids Foundation. The sole mission of Mississippi’s Toughest Kids Foundation is to […]

Mississippi Food Poisoning Attorneys

Viral and bacterial contamination of food products is very concerning to the public safety. Recently we have heard reports of several individuals in Mississippi and Alabama becoming very ill or dying as a result of the presence of bacteria in their food. Our firm is currently investing a specific food poisoning incident in East Mississippi […]

20% of Child Deaths in Mississippi Preventable

The death of any person is something we take very seriously, but the death of a child or infant sends chills up the spine. Even more so when it is discovered that the death was preventable, a recent report in Mississippi sent chills up our spine. The Child Death Review Panel in Mississippi considered 229 […]

PET Scans Shown to Detect Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

New studies have been released on the brain recently which shed light on how brain scans can be used to detect the types of repeated concussion brain injuries that have been documented in the NFL. New studies from Dr. Gary Small have demonstrated that PET scans can show developing Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in the brain. […]