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Mississippi Toughest Kids Foundation

Giddens Law Firm, PA – Long-term Supporters of the Initiatives of the Mississippi Toughest Kids Foundation

Started in 2008 by a group of volunteers at a local pediatric cancer camp, the Mississippi Toughest Kids Foundation operates with two goals in mind.  First, they sought to create a coalition among the various camps in Mississippi for children with special health needs to create a richer, friendlier environment for campers statewide.  Their second goal is to create a unified campsite where large numbers of campers would be able to attend and share in these memorable experiences together, and in an environment designed with their special needs in mind.

Here at Giddens Law Firm, we are long-term supporters of the initiatives of the Mississippi Toughest Kids Foundation.  We have reached out to the foundation to offer our assistance, and sponsor a hole annually at their golf tournament fundraiser in Madison, MS.  It is an honor for us to assist with such an worthwhile cause, and we feel that it is important that we not only support our clients but also the community as a whole.  By partnering with the Toughest Kids Foundation, we feel that we are able to impact the Jackson area as a whole in a positive manner.  Money from our donations will assist in the creation of Camp Kamassa, the single site camp which will be the ultimate destination for campers with special needs in the state.

If you or anyone else you know would like to join us in supporting this cause, please visit this link and follow their directions to donate online, or by mailing in a check to the foundation.  http://www.mtkfound.com/support.html