Taking Justice Back

We see and hear of cases every day where someone is seriously injured by the negligence of another person but there is no way under our current laws to right the wrong which has been done. Many changes have been made to what claims can be brought, laws making it procedurally more difficult to bring a suit and caps on what can be given to the injured party by a jury.

We have been concerned with our changing legal landscape for awhile because these changes deny justice for individuals that we talk to every day. That is why we have partnered with “Taking Justice Back” and promote their website. The rights of the individual matter, and everyone should have their day in court if they need it.

The logo for Take Justice Back (takejusticeback.com)

We launched Take Justice Back because nothing concerns us more than the erosion of our civil justice system. We are not anti-corporate; business built this great country into what it is today. But when corporations act irresponsibly they must be held accountable just like anybody else.

The Constitution gave you the right to pursue justice in court when you believe you’ve been harmed. But well-financed corporations circling in Congress are working every day to undermine your rights. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars scheming up ways to avoid accountability when they hurt someone. Chances are, this is the first you’ve heard of it.

As trial lawyers we represent clients. But look around this website and you will see no advertising. No solicitations. This is not about money. It is not about us. It’s about you, your rights and the gift of democracy that some powerful corporations are working hard to undermine.

Take Justice Back