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Giddens Law Firm, P.A. has built an exceptional reputation throughout the state of Mississippi for relentless representation for those who suffered an injury caused by someone’s negligence. Our personal injury firm has won many significant jury awards and verdicts for our clients.

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Opioid settlement.

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Bench verdict in a breach of trust case.



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Settlement in an opioid case.

Breach of Trust


Bench verdict in a breach of trust case.



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Giddens Law Firm, a Personal Injury Law Firm Fighting to Protect the Rights of Injury Victims Throughout Mississippi

Were you injured due to someone else’s negligence?

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Why You Need Giddens Law Firm
After an Accident in Mississippi

An unexpected and unfortunate accident can lead to difficult hurdles and challenges that you are unprepared to overcome on your own. You'll be facing a huge financial debt and may not be able to work for a long time. Chances are the insurance company is not going to give you a settlement that will pay all the expenses. You may feel overwhelemed and stressed. What can you do to get the compensation needed to recover?

One of the biggest obstacles on your road to recovery is obtaining compensation for your injuries.

Many lawyers will try to push you into a hasty settlement that fails to account for the future medical expenses and lost wages you may incur. The truth is, the vast majority of serious injuries result in lengthy periods of recovery and healing and have devastating physical, financial, and emotional effects on the victims and their families for years following the accident.

At Giddens Law Firm, P.A., our skilled personal injury attorneys have over 25 years of combined experience with advocating for victim’s rights both in the negotiation room and at trial. We understand when to be compassionate, understanding, and empathetic with our clients and when to be aggressive, unyielding, and hard-hitting in the courtroom. We promise to provide you with personalized representation, access to a dedicated team of experienced attorneys, and a relentless commitment to justice.


Client Testimonials

Giddens Law Firm did a great job with my daughter’s settlement. He was very knowledgeable and trustworthy. From the time we met John, he always treated us like family. I would absolutely use Giddens Law Firm again.


“I am truly blessed that God placed Giddens Law Firm in my path after a horrific accident from being hit by a car while riding my bike. Being a forensic accountant I have dealt with many attorneys related to personal injury cases.
I can honestly say that John and his staff are top notch when it comes to knowing the law and advocating for their clients. I would recommend them over any other firm. They left no stone unturned and fought tooth and nail for my case. What impressed me the most about this firm was the way they presented themselves with integrity and vigilance.
After suffering from a brain injury and multiple broken bones I had severe anxiety. John and his staff always made me feel comfortable. It was a huge relief for me to know they were taking care of everything and I could trust them. I knew they had my best interest at heart.

Pamela Anderson

I was fairly new to the area when I had my accident, talked to a few lawyers whom had visited me in my home. Then John and Baskin came talked to me about my case, he cares about my recovery makes sure I am able to make it to therapy, doctor appts. etc. The best thing is I can call him day or night and he is there, I LOVE THIS LAW FIRM.


Our Personal Injury Law
Areas of Practice

Truck Accidents

Each year, thousands of 18-wheeler truck accidents happen throughout Mississippi. These accidents are often the result of careless driving and driving while exhausted. In past cases, our attorneys have gone above and beyond for our clients, including downloading ECM black box data to determine negligent driving factors and even personally inspecting the cab of the truck ourselves to discover speeding tickets and other evidence.

Car Accidents

The most commonly occurring form of personal injury accident, car accidents are responsible for millions of personal injuries and thousands of deaths each year. By obtaining a Mississippi driver’s license and setting out on the road, a driver undertakes the responsibility of driving in a safe and reasonable manner. This includes following posted signs and traffic signals, maintaining a safe speed, and obeying traffic laws. When a driver is careless and causes an accident, the driver is liable for negligence. Our attorneys can assist you with reconstructing the accident for the jury to prove fault and pursue adequate compensation. In fact, in one case, we were able to obtain a verdict that was over 3 times the amount offered in a settlement agreement with the insurance company.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents cause especially catastrophic injuries because the bicyclist does not have the same level of protection and padding as a passenger in a car. While it is always imperative that you wear a helmet, utilize proper lighting, and exercise caution, it is impossible for you to control the negligent actions of the cars around you. Our attorneys can help you build a strong case against the at-fault driver.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Unfortunately, many accidents result in severe and devastating traumatic brain injuries that lead to cognitive issues, memory loss, chronic pain and migraines, comas, and more. Giddens Law Firm, P.A. has access to state-of-the-art equipment to help you prove our case. Recently, our firm has handled numerous NFL player concussion lawsuits, utilizing advanced technology to simulate brain trauma.

Birth Injuries

When you give birth, your main focus should be on bonding with your newborn child, not worrying about the quality of medical care you and your child are receiving at the hospital. Often times, the doctors and nurses’ failure to act in a timely manner in response to a birthing emergency results in delayed oxygen to your baby’s brain. Oxygen deprivation leads to a syndrome known as Cerebral Palsy. We are skilled in medical malpractice and have the tools and experience to help you pursue compensation from the hospital.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are not equipped with seatbelts or airbags. When an unexpected accident occurs, motorcyclists are often thrown from their bikes, resulting in severe and heinous injuries. Our attorneys can help you assert a valid negligence claim against the at-fault driver.

Products Liability

When you purchase something, you expect it to function properly and as intended. When things go awry, catastrophic injuries may result. Common manufacturer defects include choking hazards disguised as toys and defective car engines that cause dangerous fires. Our law firm stays abreast of product recalls and is well-versed in fighting large corporations who try to skirt the law and earn a profit while placing consumer lives at risk.

Workplace Injuries

When you are injured while on the job, worker’s compensation insurance may cover some of your medical bills and disability payments. However, the contractors, subcontractors, heavy equipment rental agencies, and manufacturers may also be liable. We have a proven track record of hunting down responsible parties, gathering evidence, and successfully obtaining fair compensation for our injured clients.

Wrongful Death

When someone’s negligence causes your loved one’s death, you have legal recourse through the wrongful death recovery system in Mississippi. We can assist you and other survivors with seeking damages for medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, loss of companionship, lost financial support, emotional distress, and attorney’s fees and court costs.

Types of Injuries

Injuries incurred during an accident can vary in type, severity, and length of recovery time. Common personal injuries include physical injuries, financial injuries, and emotional injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck and spinal injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Chest injuries
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations, road rash, and bruising
  • Burns, scarring, and other disfigurements
  • Total or partial paralysis
  • Amputation
  • Lost wages due to temporary or permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Emotional distress

Why You Need a Qualified Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury law is an incredibly complex area of law that involves extremely dense and confusing statutory and case law. Skilled personal injury attorneys are well-versed in relevant standards of care, types of causation, admissible evidence, and motions practice.

In addition, a lawyer has the knowledge and experience to adeptly anticipate defenses and overcome them with evidence and arguments. If you have suffered an injury due to another’s negligence, do not try to negotiate with an insurance company on your own.

The insurance company will use smoke and mirrors to convince you that their lowball settlement offer is attractive. Giddens Law Firm, P.A. has the tools and experience to help you pursue fair and just compensation.


Why Choose Giddens Law Firm, P.A.?

Giddens Law Firm, P.A. has built an exceptional reputation throughout the state of Mississippi for relentless pre-trial preparation, case investigation, and use of the latest technologies, resulting in many significant jury awards and verdicts in all types of serious injury and wrongful death cases. Unlike many law firms that value volume and profit over client results, Giddens Law Firm, P.A. refuses to take more than a few serious personal injury and wrongful death claims each year. This enables our attorneys to focus more time and resources on each case in order to yield the best possible result for our clients.

Meet Our Attorneys

Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney John D. Giddens

John Giddens is the founding member of Giddens Law Firm. He established the firm in 1999 in Jackson, Mississippi with a dedication to those who cannot otherwise help themselves.

Mr. Giddens is a victim’s rights advocate who chooses to represent the interests of individuals over corporations.

His practice is devoted to helping Mississippians seek justice.


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$500,000 Settlement For an Injured Passenger in a Truck Accident Case
$500,000 Settlement For an Injured Passenger in a Truck Accident Case

July 12, 2021 – The Firm is pleased to announce a $500,000 settlement for an injured passenger in a car wreck case. The settlement was achieved shortly after the complaint was filed. The Firm achieved a confidential settlement with a […]

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