Personal Injury Lawyer

Did Someone’s Negligence Cause an Injury?

personal injury attorneyHave you or a loved one been seriously injured due to the negligence of another individual or entity here in Mississippi? When you’re thrown a curveball such as being injured in an accident, you may not know what your next steps should be. Dealing with unexpected medical bills and missing time at work, you may be facing a huge financial burden that threatens to hurt your family. However, if your accident was caused by the negligence of another, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against that individual.

After any type of accident, it is important that you contact a qualified Mississippi personal injury lawyer immediately to protect your rights and to get the compensation that you deserve. For more than two decades, the Mississippi personal injury lawyers at Giddens Law Firm have been helping injury victims throughout Mississippi with their accident claims. We’ve dealt with the insurance companies and we understand how difficult it is to get a fair settlement. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Why Do You Need a Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney?

When dealing with the insurance claim process after a personal injury in Jackson, MS, accident victims are easily frustrated trying to get the money needed to pay their expenses. Either they are faced with constant delays or their claim is outright denied. Trying to get the money you need can be difficult and you will need someone on your side to fight insurance companies for you.

An experienced personal injury attorney at Giddens Law Firm can be the one to fight the insurance company. We will negotiate a settlement that will cover your expenses and, if a negotiation cannot be reached, we are ready to head to court to fight for your behalf. Not only can we help you through the insurance claims process, but our Mississippi injury attorneys can help in the following ways:

  • A personal injury attorney can improve your chances of getting a successful resolution to your case. Since they understand the law and have dealt with the insurance companies, they will know all the tricks the insurance adjusters try to prevent paying your claim what it’s worth.
  • A personal injury lawyer can help you discover what your claim is worth. It may be tempting to take the first settlement you get from the insurance company, but that settlement usually is much less than what your claim is truly worth. Our injury lawyer will sit down and calculate your expenses and give you a better understanding of how much your claim is worth.
  • An experienced personal injury attorney can represent you in court. If the negotiations fail to produce a settlement offer, our personal injury lawyer is not afraid to head to court to make sure you get the maximum amount of compensation that your claim.

If you want to speak with a personal injury attorney in Jackson, MS about your case, we’re ready to take your call. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer in Jackson, MS Do?

A personal injury attorney will provide the legal advice and representation you need to recover compensation following an accident. For example, if you get into a car accident with a drunk driver and sustain serious injuries, you may turn to the insurance company to pay for your medical bills. However, the insurance company refuses to pay your claim, saying you were at fault for the accident.

But if you hire an experienced Jackson personal injury lawyer from Giddens Law Firm, we have the resources available that will prove that you were not responsible for the accident. With expert witnesses, medical experts, and accident reconstructionists, our team will help you get the compensation needed to pay your bills and recoup the expenses you had following the accident.

An accident lawyer from Giddens Law Firm can do the following:

  • Tell you how much your claim is worth: Most times, the insurance company will offer a settlement that is the bare minimum of what it’s willing to pay. An initial settlement is never the full amount of what your claim is worth. A personal injury lawyer will be able to give you an estimate of exactly how much your claim is worth so you know if the settlement will pay all your bills.
  • Get the evidence needed to prove fault: After an accident, you’re more concerned about your welfare than proving your claim. But hiring an injury attorney in Jackson can help get the evidence you need to prove who is liable.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company: Once evidence is collected and the true value of your claim is estimated, our injury attorney can negotiate with the insurance company to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Fight on your behalf in court: If negotiations break down and a settlement can’t be reached, you’re going to need a skilled trial lawyer to fight for your right in the courtroom.

What Are the Common Types of Personal Injury Cases in Jackson?

Giddens Law Firm handles most of the common types of personal injury in Mississippi. This includes but is not limited to:

Truck Accidents

injury lawyerTruck accident claims are usually more complex than a simple car accident. Not only do truck accidents result in catastrophic injuries but you’re more likely going to deal with more than just the driver and their insurance company. Multiple parties could be held responsible for your 18-wheeler accident such as the truck company, the shipping company, and possibly other third-party brokers.

Giddens Law Firm focuses a major part of its practice on trucking accidents. Our Mississippi truck accident attorneys have the resources, the experience, and the skills needed to take on everyone involved.

Car Accidents

Mississippi is an at-fault state. This means when you get into a car accident, the at-fault driver is responsible for paying your expenses. But the insurance company will do whatever it takes to make sure your claim is denied.

If you experienced a severe injury in a car accident anywhere in Mississippi, you’re going to need the assistance of an experienced car accident attorney in Jackson to negotiate with the insurance company and make sure your claim is paid.

Bike Accidents

personal injury lawyersMississippi’s Natchez Trace Parkway is known as a popular spot for biking enthusiasts. People all around the country flock to our beautiful state just to ride The Trace. Unfortunately, drivers fail to yield to bicyclists, leading to a serious bike accident.

If you get into a bicycle accident, you may not understand your legal rights. Fortunately, our bike accident lawyer can give you the legal advice you need and help you with your claim to get you back on your feet.

Motorcycle Accidents

When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, the results are usually catastrophic. The biker does not have enough protection compared to the occupants of a car or truck. In many cases, the motorcycle ride will be facing a long recovery period with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical debt.

In order to get the compensation you need, it will take an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for your rights.

Medical Malpractice

We put our trust in the medical professionals to take care of us. But unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. And in most cases, these errors could have been prevented.

If a medical professional or healthcare facility caused you harm, you have the legal right to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit. Speak with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer at Giddens Law Firm today to learn your options.

Premises Liability

Property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises safe for any visitor. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. From slip and falls at the grocery store to dog bites to accidents in swimming pools, when you have an accident on an individual or a commercial property, you have the right to compensation.

A premises liability lawyer at Giddens Law Firm can walk you through your claim and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

personal injury lawyer

The workers’ compensation process can be extremely difficult to navigate on your own. And many times, the insurance company will deny a claim if they find the smallest issue with your injuries. If this happens to you, it’s always best to speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Jackson to understand your rights and learn what can be done to get the compensation you need to help you heal from your workplace injury.

The workers’ compensation attorney at Giddens Law Firm can also help you with a third-party claim against another party who may have been responsible for your on-the-job injury.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is always an upsetting experience. But losing a loved one because of someone’s negligence is devastating to the family. However, you do have the opportunity to file a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible.

If you’re not sure what needs to be done, contact our Jackson, MS wrongful death attorney right away. We are sensitive to your needs and will fight for your loved one, making sure you and your family are properly compensated for this tragedy.

Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Jackson? Contact Giddens Law Firm Today

If you or a loved one is in need of legal assistance, call the Jackson personal injury attorneys at Giddens Law Firm at (601) 355-2022. The initial consultation with our firm is free of charge. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid for our services if there is a monetary recovery for you and your family. In many cases, a lawsuit must be filed before a certain date, known as a statute of limitations. Please call right away to ensure that you do not waive your right to possible compensation.

Time is often not on your side after an accident. It is imperative you take immediate action as soon as possible, so please call us today for a free consultation and case analysis toll-free at 888-335-2022.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury in Mississippi

How Do I Know I Have a Personal Injury Claim?

To put it simply, if you were injured by someone else’s negligence, then you have a case. For example, if you get into a car accident with a drunk driver, and you were seriously injured, then you have the right to file a lawsuit against that drunk driver.

How Long Can I Expect My Case to Take?

The timeframe of a personal injury lawsuit can vary from case to case. Depending on the complexity of your case, the severity of your injuries, and how willing the at-fault party is to work with you, a case can take a couple of months to a couple of years. Our personal injury attorneys will keep you informed throughout the entire process so you know what’s happening with your case every step of the way.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

In Mississippi, you have up to three years from the accident to file legal action against another individual. Although it may seem like a long time, a lot can happen in three years and evidence can easily be lost. So the sooner you hire a personal injury lawyer, the better your chances are.

What Compensation Can I Recover?

In addition to receiving compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage, you may also be eligible for non-economic damages. This includes pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment or consortium, or emotional distress.

What Are the Elements of a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

There are four basic requirements for any personal injury case:

  • The at-fault party had owed you a duty of care. This means they were responsible in keeping you safe and not bringing you harm.
  • The at-fault party breached that duty. For example, a doctor failed to follow the medical standard of care.
  • The negligent party caused your injuries.
  • Because of the breach of duty, you suffered damages, such as medical expenses.