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Fentanyl Drug Subsys – Insys Therapeutics

Fentanyl Overdose and Addictions Lawyer in Mississippi

Sublingual fentanyl sprays which are marketed and sold by Insys Therapeutics, Inc. have come under investigation recently. The pain medication is used in cancer patients and listed as a Schedule II controlled substance. Insys Therapeutics is under investigation for paying and providing improper benefits to doctors who were prescribing the drug. Insys has in the […]

Zofran Birth Defect Lawsuits

More lawsuits are springing up around the country which allege that Glaxo Smith Kline’s drug Zofran caused multiple different types of birth defects in unborn babies when mothers took the drug during their pregnancies. The lawsuits have alleged to following types of defects resulting from the use of Zofran during pregnancy: abdominal defects heart defects […]

Zofran Investigated – Possible Link to Cleft Palate, Lip, and Heart Defects

Zofran (ondansetron HCl Dihydrate) is produced by Glaxo Wellcome Pharmaceuticals and is often prescribed to treat nausea during pregnancy. It is not fully known how the drug works but millions in our country have been prescribed this medication in a very free fashion because the potentially dangerous nature of the drug for expectant mothers was […]

Testosterone cream connected to heart attacks?

For the last several years it has been surprisingly simple for a man to report symptoms such as low sex drive, lack of energy or loss of muscle mass and be prescribed testosterone to correct any number of ills. Doctors refer to the condition as low t. Typically the treatment is simple enough, with the […]

Fresenius Cardiac Injuries and Death

Cases of individuals who have suffered heart attacks soon after receiving dialysis from Fresenius Medical Care have been reported across the country. Anyone who has hear problems while on dialysis with Fresenius Medical Care needs to be aware of their rights and make sure that your treatment on GranuFlo and NaturaLyte does not effect your […]

Clexa, Risperdone, and Trazadone and their potential side effects.

Providing information to people who are injured and wonder if they have a claim is an important part of the practice of law. One resource we have started using in order to serve and inform the community at large are social media sites. Here is a question that was posed on one of those sites […]