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Trailer Manufacturer Ordered to Pay $18.8M in New Mexico Trucking Case

Truck Accident Lawyers in Mississippi

Landmark Trucking Accident Case in New Mexico SANTA FE, NM – According to a news report published online by abqjournal.com, a trailer manufacturer has been ordered to pay $18.9 million to a New Mexico family in connection with a fatal trucking accident. The subject accident occurred in 2015 and caused the death of a 16-year-old […]

2011 Personal Injury Cases in Review

2011 has been a busy year, and we would like to give you a look into our success over the past year. 18 wheeler litigation. In one instance we downloaded ECM black box data to determine the speed breaking and other driving factors applicable to an accident causing critical injuries to our clients. Securing the […]

What is a Hospital’s Duty of Care to a Mental Health Patient?

We recently finished a wrongful death suit against a Mental Hospital who failed to see any of the warning signs of a suicide risk in one of their patients. The hospital had numerous opportunities to intervene and all of the warning signs were there. You don’t have to be a doctor to know that if a patient […]

How Personal Injury Cases Set the Rules for Our Society

Many of the cases that we take are a result of businesses not doing the work that is required to protect the people that they serve. Every business should have proper processes and procedures to protect citizens from foreseeable hazards and personal injury: 18-wheeler companies should have strict policies about what happens when their drivers […]