How Personal Injury Cases Set the Rules for Our Society

Many of the cases that we take are a result of businesses not doing the work that is required to protect the people that they serve.

Every business should have proper processes and procedures to protect citizens from foreseeable hazards and personal injury:
18-wheeler companies should have strict policies about what happens when their drivers speed.
Local businesses should keep their premises safe and free from obstacles for their patrons.
Doctors should follow the common sense rules of medicine in order to preserve their patient’s lives.
Manufacturers should make their products well so that they do not break and injure the consumer.
Drivers should keep a proper lookout for bicyclists who share the road with them.

If they do not often the following injuries may sometimes occur:
When drivers of 10 ton 18 wheeler trucks speed, wrecks are more likely to occur.
When places contain obstacles or are not well maintained, trips or slips and falls sometimes occur.
When Doctors do not follow the standard of care in medicine, death of the patient sometimes occurs.
When products are not designed well or fail in use, consumers are injured by defective products.
When drivers fail to keep a proper lookout in their car, bicyclists are involved in an accident with a car.

Unfortunately, it often takes an injury or death to change the way that businesses feel about an “acceptable loss.” Here at John D. Giddens Law Firm we are committed to making our community a safer place by holding companies who break these common sense rules accountable for the personal injury and wrongful death they inflict.

We recently finished a trial on a wrongful death case that occurred in the Jackson area. In the case a patient was in a wheel chair that was strapped down inside of a van.  Some nursing homes and assisted living facilities do not have adequate training or procedures on how to secure wheelchairs in transport vans that are used everyday to move patients. In this particular case the van hit a bump and stopped abruptly catapulting our client forward in her chair and mortally injuring her.

Sometimes it takes a case like this to emphasize the necessity of simple safety precautions. Our community is a safer place for patients being transported in a passenger van. This is as a result of the loss endured by one family and John D. Giddens Law Firm’s efforts in making it strikingly clear to the nursing homes and assisted living facilities that they must make sure that patients are strapped in properly to their wheelchair and that the wheelchair is strapped properly to the Van before they begin a trip.

If you have a loved one who is transported in a passenger van frequently, we would recommend asking about the facilities safety policies and safety procedures for their patients. Often you will find the businesses are happy to oblige, and you can have some peace of mind for the safety of your loved one. Hopefully you will find safety measures and safety procedures in place that will prevent another traumatic accident leading to wrongful death from happening again.

John D. Giddens Law Firm will continue to fight for the little guy, and to make sure that companies follow the standard of care that we as a community expect. Often this takes time and the cases are woeful ones, but we believe in our community and want to see it free of personal injury, wrongful death, broken products, defective products, medical malpractice, and 18 wheeler wrecks.