2011 Personal Injury Cases in Review

2011 has been a busy year, and we would like to give you a look into our success over the past year.

18 wheeler litigation.
In one instance we downloaded ECM black box data to determine the speed breaking and other driving factors applicable to an accident causing critical injuries to our clients. Securing the offending 18 wheeler, requiring the Defendant Company to preserve it as evidence, and allowing our team of experts, including the attorneys personally climbing into the cab and finding evidence of speeding tickets and other evidence was extremely useful and obtaining the substantial and well deserved settlement for our client.

Car Wrecks.
You think car wrecks are run of the mill? We handled a disputed liability case where the driver of a company van lied about the way the accident occurred. On January 19, 2012 we were able to obtain a verdict for our client well over three (3) times what was previously offered on the underlying insurance company. We take very seriously our responsibility and duty to obtain justice for accident victims injured in crashes. We are not afraid to take these cases to trial and have a winning track record.

Medical/nursing negligence.
Recently we handled two cases of negligence directed against nurses. In the first a settlement was obtained for this child and the funds preserved for his future education, rehabilitation and care. In the second nursing case involved a nurse who injected a medication intravenously that should have been injected intramuscularly causing our client to slip into a coma. The client recovered, but was never the same. The client later died and the family pursued this case and was able to obtain a modicum of justice for the pain and suffering endured by their loved one.

Inadequate Security.
The firm handled the case of a young man who worked hard with his father in a construction company only to be gunned down in a robbery at his apartment complex. Feet on the ground investigation by the attorneys handling the case uncovered a suspected drug ring operating within the confines of the apartment complex which had an escape hatch – a section of fence missing in the back of the complex. Uncovering and photographing this nuance helped the family secure a substantial settlement from the insurance company for the apartment complex. We are hopeful management took notice and repaired the fence stopping the criminals access to escape.

Bicycle death case.
The firm recently handled a case involving a death of a bicyclist. The firm has been active in lobbying efforts to give bicyclist more rights under Mississippi Law. Currently, under Mississippi Law, bicyclists have an equal right to the road. The firm has extensive experience representing cyclists in bicycle/motor vehicle collisions handling the most significant injuries and death cases throughout the state.