Trucker Dies in West Point, Mississippi Rollover Accident

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West Point, Mississippi– May 1, 2018 (The Dispatch) According to a report in The Dispatch, the driver of a tanker truck died in a crash. The tractor-trailer that the man was driving rear-ended another vehicle, and the truck driver lost control of his rig, which rolled over as it left the roadway. Reports from the accident investigation state that it is unclear whether the man suffered a medical issue that caused the crash or whether he lost control of the vehicle.

The tanker truck that was involved in the wreck was carrying black liquor, a material that is corrosive and hazardous. Fortunately, the tank did not get damaged enough in the wreck to leak. Because of the hazardous nature of the material in the tank, the area around the accident scene was blocked off, and a specially trained crew from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality came to clean it up.

Some of the trucks that share the roads with us contain hazardous cargo. These trucks create all of the typical accident risks that other tractor-trailers and trucks on the road do, as well as the additional danger that the hazardous cargo will escape from the truck during a wreck. When a truck containing hazardous materials is involved in an accident, additional emergency response personnel, called HAZMAT teams, are dispatched to the scene to contain the hazardous material and make the area safe again.

Hazardous materials have properties like corrosiveness, toxicity, radioactivity, flammability, and explosiveness, which can harm people, the environment, or animals if they get released into the environment. The trucks that contain them display colorful placards which describe the hazardous characteristics of their cargo and help people easily identify the risk that the cargo could create if it is released in a wreck.

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