Accident Reported on I-55 South in Madison County, Mississippi

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Madison County, Miss. – (WJTV) According to a report from WJTV, an accident happened near County Line Road on I-55 South. Emergency crews are clearing the accident, which is blocking the center lane. There has been no information made available yet regarding whether anyone was hurt in the wreck.

While it has not yet been determined whether any injuries resulted from the accident described above, there is always the possibility of bodily harm whenever there is a car crash. Car accident victims can experience any type of injury, but there are common categories of injuries that are connected with motor vehicle wrecks. Some injuries are immediately noticeable after a crash, but others, including some very serious types of injuries, are not immediately apparent. For that reason, accident victims are encouraged to seek medical attention after any car crash, even if they do not feel like they are hurt.

Concussions are an example not only of a type of injury that often happens in car crashes but also of an injury that the injured person may not see or feel. Other head injuries like open lacerations or skull fractures are quite apparent, but concussions and some other types of severe head injuries can go undetected unless the accident victim is checked out by a doctor after the wreck. If a concussion or other type of head injury is left untreated, the consequences can be dangerous or even deadly,

Car wreck victims also commonly come away from accidents with back and neck injuries because of the way that their bodies move around inside the vehicle during a collision. When there’s a collision, the vehicles stop suddenly, causing the heads of passengers inside the vehicle to quickly snap forwards and then back, which can cause whiplash, neck strain, and back injuries.

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