Oxford Man Killed in DWI Pedestrian Crash on November 8, 2018

Oxford, Mississippi – November 8, 2018 – The Daily Journal reports that a pedestrian died after being struck by a vehicle in West Oxford. The collision occurred on Ricky D. Britt Boulevard, around six thirty in the evening. The pedestrian was laying in the road when rescue workers arrived at the scene, and they set to work immediately, trying to revive him. Unfortunately, rescue workers were unable to revive the pedestrian, and he died as the result of injuries he received in the crash.

The driver who caused the wreck remained at the scene of the collision. The officers investigating the crash secured a warrant to obtain a blood sample from the driver and took him to a detention center. The driver currently faces a charge of driving under the influence, and it is possible that additional or more serious charges will be made against him after a grand jury hears his case.

Drunk drivers cause nearly twenty percent of all automobile accident deaths in Mississippi by drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. The statistics pertaining to Mississippi pedestrian accidents are concerning. For example, nearly ninety percent of fatal pedestrian crashes happen when the weather is clear or cloudy. That means that the weather is not likely to be a factor in most pedestrian fatalities.

Understanding pedestrian fatality statistics can help drivers be more aware of the pedestrian activity and it can also help pedestrians make safe choices about when and where to walk. For example, since seventy percent of fatal pedestrian crashes happen between six in the evening and six in the morning, drivers can use extra caution in looking for pedestrians during those hours, and pedestrians can make choices that increase safety like minimizing distractions from cell phones and music and crossing at intersections.