Fatal Car Accident on Highway 15N, Near Count Road 573 in Neshoba County

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Crash in Neshoba County Claims life of Shuqualak Man

NESHOBA COUNTY, MS – Wtok.com reports that an accident on Highway 15N, near Count Road 573 claimed the life 65-year-old, Tommie Orr, last Sunday. The collision occurred when a vehicle that was traveling south on Highway 15N veered across the center line and hit Orr’s northbound vehicle head-on. The cause of the collision is still being investigated.*

Head-on collisions are particularly devastating. The impact is greatly increased as the speed and force of both vehicles is multiplied. For the driver who did not drift into the opposite lane, these car accidents can be sudden and completely unavoidable. A car can cross into their lane and the speed of both cars can leave no time to respond.

While some head-on collisions result from a driver unsuccessfully attempting to pass another car and intentionally crossing into the opposite lane the vast majority of headon collisions are actually the result of distracted driving. In many cases, a person might be looking at a phone, a radio or eating and not looking at the road in front of them. The driver can then begin to drift into the opposite lane of traffic and not have time to correct.

In some instances, drivers may cause these types of accidents because they nodded off behind the wheel, or because they were driving under the influence.

While we might expect these serious accidents to occur in situations with bad weather or low visibility, the vast majority head-on collisions occur on days with nice, dry weather. The likely reason is that people are not driving as cautiously in favorable weather as they would be if it were raining.