Man Dies in I-220 Rollover Wreck in Jackson, Mississippi

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Jackson, Mississippi – November 9, 2018 – WJTV News reports that a fatal automobile accident occurred on I-220 North in Jackson. One man died from injuries he received when his vehicle went off of the road and rolled over.

Rollover accidents have a greater fatality rate than other types of vehicle wrecks. Approximately two percent of automobile accidents are rollovers, but rollover crashes cause more than thirty percent of passenger vehicle fatalities. When drivers educate themselves about rollover accidents and take steps to prevent them, they reduce the risk that they will experience a rollover crash.

There are two main categories of rollover accidents. A “tripped rollover” happens when a vehicle leaves the road surface and slides sideways. As it slides, the vehicle’s tires sink into unpaved surfaces at the side of the road or collide with an object. The changes in the vehicle’s speed and movement “trip” the vehicle and it tumbles over.  Tripped rollovers account for ninety-five percent of rollover accidents. The other five percent of rollover wrecks are “un-tripped” rollovers, and they happen when the driver of a top-heavy vehicle is traveling, and they encounter a situation where they cannot avoid hitting something, such as an animal or a fallen tree.

Rollover accidents involve a variety of factors, including vehicle design, weather, and driver behavior. While not all rollover risk factors are within a driver’s control, such as the design of their vehicle, drivers can reduce their rollover risk by understanding why vehicles roll over and how they can avoid rolling their vehicle. For example, some vehicles come with rollover warnings on the sun visors inside the car. If you drive a car that has a warning like that on it, remember to use extra caution and slow down when cornering and on windy days.