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A man lost his life in a chain-reaction accident involving a tractor-trailer, a motorcycle, and two other vehicles. The man who perished in the wreck was riding a motorcycle when he got hit by a tractor-trailer as it left the westbound lanes of the highway and crossed over all the eastbound lanes before it stopped on the embankment on the side of the road.

Emergency crews closed the roadway near the crash site in both directions for over an hour as they worked to clean up the wrecked vehicles and the diesel fuel that had spilled out of the 18-wheeler’s punctured gas tank. Highway Patrol officers, firefighters, personnel from the local Sheriff’s Department, and the Department of Environmental Quality all worked together to make the area clean and safe after that accident.

The crash mentioned above is a reminder of one of the dangers of tractor trailer wrecks – the threat posed by spilled fuel. Tractor trailers are large vehicles that have large fuel tanks. Every tractor trailer that gets into an accident could release some or all of its diesel fuel in the crash. The fuel could ignite at the scene of the accident, causing a fire or an explosion. It is also possible that the fuel could damage rivers, lakes, or other natural resources in the area of the crash site if the spilled fuel comes into contact with land or water.

While spilled fuel is a danger at any tractor trailer accident scene, some tractor trailers pose an additional risk because they carry hazardous cargo. WHen a truck gets in an accident, it is always possible that some or all of the contents of the trailer will get released at the accident scene. Since eighteen-wheelers carry everything from groceries and clothing to milk and gasoline, it is possible that the contents of an eighteen-wheeler could create a danger at the crash scene if the cargo is an item or substance that could harm people, animals, or the environment if it comes into contact with them.

For example, a truck that was pulling a trailer full of sulfuric acid got into a wreck near Nashville. The trailer disconnected from the truck, the acid spilled out of the trailer, and hazmat teams worked to clean it up quickly, to reduce the amount of danger and damage to humans, animals, and the environment. Each crash that involves hazardous materials poses a unique threat because hazardous materials are not all alike. They create different types of dangers depending upon which properties they have. Properties are attributes like toxicity, radioactivity, corrosiveness, explosiveness, and flammability that describe the type of harm that each substance is likely to do if it is released.

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