Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Warns of Dangerous Construction Work Zones

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Warns of Dangerous Construction Work Zones

Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Warn Riders about Construction Work Zones

Summer is road construction season, and everyone must watch out for work zones while they are driving. It takes lots of work to keep all of those miles and miles of roadways in good condition, and much of that work gets scheduled during the summer because that is when the weather is best. It essential that everyone on the road use caution when driving or riding through a work zone because work zones can contain hazards that could cause drivers or motorcycle riders to have an accident.

For example, a jury recently awarded over a million dollars to a Mississippi Highway Patrol trooper in acknowledgment of the pain, suffering, and life-altering injury that he experienced as the result of a motorcycle accident that occurred in a road construction area. The man was riding his motorcycle when he struck an obstruction in the road. The item that was on the road was later determined to be a low ramp that was covering a temporary conduit. During the crash, the man got thrown off of his motorcycle. The wreck crushed his foot and lower leg, which eventually had to be amputated, eleven months after the accident, because of the nature of his injuries.

The man who got hurt in the aforementioned accident is now a Highway Patrol Investigator. Since one of his lower legs was amputated, he uses a prosthetic leg. The medical care and physical therapy that he has engaged in since his accident has helped him become adept at going about his everyday life with his prosthetic leg, including his work as a police officer. He will need medical care related to his injury for a long time, and the jury’s verdict acknowledges that. It is important to note that even though the man was found partially responsible for the accident, he can recover some money from the other parties who were also responsible for his injuries.

Items that are on the road, like the ramp that was involved in the aforementioned accident, can cause a ton of trouble for motorcycle riders. There is the danger that a rider could hit the item, and, depending on its size, could get killed or seriously hurt. Work zones also contain other hazards that pose a threat to motorcycle riders. Grooved pavement can pose a problem, as can uneven road surfaces or gravel. Work zones cause frequent changes in traffic patterns too. Drivers may have trouble following the traffic patterns in the work area.

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