Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Delivery Truck Accidents

The holiday season is by far the busiest time of year for shipping companies like FedEx and UPS. Online shopping is as popular as ever, with many people choosing to skip the long lines and bare shelves at the store and buy some or all of their gifts online. Shipping companies are handling all of those packages, in addition to the regular volume of packages that are being sent. Even more packages enter the equation when you consider how many holiday gifts people send to their loved ones all over the world, if they are not able to visit with them in person. The immense number of packages that are being sent at this time of year means that package delivery workers are on the job day and night, and in all kinds of weather, trying to ensure that all of the packages arrive at their destinations on time.

The increase in the amount of packages that are shipped during the holiday season requires package delivery companies to put more trucks on the road and hire more drivers to drive them. The sheer amount of package delivery trucks on the roads during the holiday season increases the number of delivery truck accidents that occur at this time of year. Other factors like wintery weather, and snow banks alongside roads, and in driveways and parking lots can make it difficult for drivers to find places to park their trucks in order to deliver packages, also increase the risk of delivery truck accidents at this time of year.

Package delivery trucks pose unique risks to their drivers and to the drivers of other vehicles. Delivery trucks are large, heavy vehicles. At this time of year especially, many delivery trucks are carrying loads that are at or near the upper limit of their weight capacity. Because of their size and weight, package delivery trucks can do a lot more damage than passenger vehicles when they are involved in a crash. Also, some of the features of delivery trucks which make it easy for their drivers to hop in and out of their vehicles quickly create additional safety risks for the drivers, such as an increased risk that they will be ejected from their truck during a crash.

When a delivery truck accident occurs, an accident response team from the package delivery company’s insurer is often dispatched to the accident scene right away to assess the damage and speak with the other drivers who were involved in the accident. The information that the accident response team obtains from the other drivers may be used to support the delivery company’s case if any claims arising from the accident proceed to litigation. The delivery company’s insurance company may also use the information that is gathered at the accident scene to draw up initial settlement offers for the accident victims in the hopes that they might persuade the victims to accept those offers before they are fully aware of the extent of their injuries or damages. Because the accident response team for the delivery company does not have your best interests in mind, it is best to politely decline to speak with them until after you have consulted with your attorney.

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