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Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Delivery Truck Accidents

The holiday season is by far the busiest time of year for shipping companies like FedEx and UPS. Online shopping is as popular as ever, with many people choosing to skip the long lines and bare shelves at the store and buy some or all of their gifts online. Shipping companies are handling all of […]

Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney Examines the Dangers of Mississippi ATV Accidents

Each year, over 700 individuals will perish in accidents related to all-terrain vehicles or ATV’s.  Over this past Memorial Day weekend, Mississippi became the site of two such fatal accidents.  In Ripley, a 93 year old former Tippah County constable died in an ATV accident.  Leroy Derrick was driving his Honda Rancher ATV when he […]

New Technologies that Could Change the Face of Personal Injury Law

Currently, car accidents are the number one cause of accident deaths and injuries nationwide. While increased automobile safety has led to a decline in the rate of accidents each year, numbers remain high. There are an estimated 5,500,000 car crashes annually and over 40,000 deaths. Several new technologies in the field of automobiles hold the […]

NFL Injuries as Explained By Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney John Giddens

While the start of football season brings much excitement to the millions of fans across the U.S. and the hundreds of thousands of football players, it also comes at a cost:  injuries, both to fans and players, occur across American football stadiums at high rates each year.   Already, during NFL opening day this past week, […]