Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Accidents Involving Trains

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A recent early morning accident in Columbus claimed the life of one person when a pickup truck collided with a train. The truck was headed westbound when it hit the train on the tracks at the intersection of 21st Street and Main Street. Skid marks at the accident scene show that the truck skidded for over sixty feet before striking the train. The force of the impact completely crushed the engine compartment of the truck.

Crashes involving vehicles and trains are some of the most devastating accidents. Trains are a lot larger and heavier than cars. Because they are so massive, when they are on the move, they are often unable to stop in time to avoid a collision with a vehicle that is on the railroad tracks. Railroad crossings are designed to keep cars off of railroad tracks when trains are passing through.

Unfortunately, railroad crossings cannot all be designed in the same way, because the area where the crossing is located affects what the crossing looks like. Some railroad crossings are more effective at preventing accidents than others are. Often, a crossing that has been the site of many accidents will be recognized as unsafe, and it gets prioritized for redesign and repair. When a railroad crossing gets redesigned, the railroad company often conducts engineering studies in conjunction with the state and local highway departments with the goal of determining which improvements would do the most to improve safety at that particular crossing. Engineering studies for railroad crossings examine factors like the numbers of cars and trains that pass through the crossing, how fast the cars and trains travel through the area, and the visibility in the area.

Fortunately, a continued focus on making safety improvements at railroad crossings can help to prevent deadly collisions between trains and passenger vehicles. Another way to reduce the risk of train-vehicle crashes is increasing driver awareness of the risks posed by railroad crossings. If you regularly drive through a railroad crossing, remember that trains do not always run on fixed schedules. As you approach any railroad crossing, drive cautiously, as if you could encounter a train there. If you see the lights start flashing or the crossing gate starting to lower, stop immediately. Wait for the train to pass through the crossing and then wait for the lights or the gate to indicate that it is safe to proceed. Always be sure to look both ways before crossing train tracks because trains can approach crossings from either direction.

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