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Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Warns of Dangerous Construction Work Zones

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Warns of Dangerous Construction Work Zones

Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Warn Riders about Construction Work Zones Summer is road construction season, and everyone must watch out for work zones while they are driving. It takes lots of work to keep all of those miles and miles of roadways in good condition, and much of that work gets scheduled during the summer […]

Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Discuss Collisions from Behind

A recent motorcycle accident that claimed the life of an Alcorn State University professor serves as a tragic reminder of just how deadly accidents involving motorcycles and cars can be. This particular accident occurred when a car struck the motorcycle from behind. The impact caused the rider to be ejected from his motorcycle, and he […]

Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Discuss Street Racing and Other Dangers of the Road

Last November, a man was killed in a tragic crash that resulted from a high-speed motorcycle race in Jackson. According to a witness, two people on motorcycles blocked rush hour traffic so that two other riders could race down the street. The riders who were racing attained speeds of up to one hundred miles per […]

Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Talk About How to Ride Safely at Night

Riding a motorcycle requires a great deal of skill and concentration at any time. Night riding presents even more challenges and requires an even greater level of skillful focus. One challenge is that it is more difficult for other vehicles to see you. Your ability to see important things like signs and pavement markings is […]

Jackson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Discusses Risks Associated with Growing Popularity of Novelty Helmets

If you ride motorcycles in Jackson and the surrounding areas of Mississippi, you are well aware that many drivers fail to pay attention to the presence of motorcycle riders.  Because motorcycles are smaller than four wheeled vehicles, drivers of passenger vehicles frequently fail to notice or account for the possible presence of a motorcycle when […]

Top Things You Should Not Do Following a Motorcycle Accident in Mississippi

In recent years, motorcycle riding has become increasingly popular.  The number of motorcycles in the U.S. jumped to 9 million in 2012, an increase of over 50% from previous years.  Sadly, along with the rise in popularity of the motorcycle, motorcycle accident rates have also climbed.  In 2010, over 4,500 riders were killed and 80,000 […]

The 411 on Motorcycle Accident Laws in Mississippi

Motorcycle enthusiasts love the thrill of the open road and the feel of the air rushing past. Riding a motorcycle has become a beloved American pastime and a way of life for some. Unfortunately, however, the rate of motorcycle accidents has climbed in recent years.  Each year, over 4,500 riders are killed in accidents on […]