Mississippi Birth Injury Attorneys Discuss the Risks of Elective C-Sections

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Sometimes, the person who is injured by birth is the mother, not the baby. All parents wish for a safe and healthy birth for their baby. They also wish for a safe and healthy birthing experience for themselves, or for the mother of their child, if they are not the one who is actually, physically giving birth. Unfortunately, maternal injury during birth can occur during both vaginal and cesarean births.

Vaginal birth is less risky than cesarean birth, and it is associated with a shorter hospital stay, reduced risk of infection, and faster recovery. For cesarean births, the injury risk is approximately the same for elective c-sections (those planned in advance) and those performed out of medical necessity. Some of the risks associated with cesarean births are infection, bladder injury, bowel injury, nerve injury, reproductive organ damage, kidney damage and temporary or permanent urinary or fecal incontinence may result.

Sometimes, cesarean births can cause severe injury or even death. When a surgeon makes an incision incorrectly, blood loss can be severe and rapid, and the flow of blood may not be able to be controlled. Sometimes, when an artery is severed, the uterus must be removed via an emergency hysterectomy. Emergency hysterectomies can leave both physical and emotional scars. The decision to have a hysterectomy is usually made with much thought and careful consideration ahead of time. When the decision-making power is taken away from the woman by a medical emergency, the emotional scars can outlast the physical scars, especially if the woman had planned on having more children.

As with any surgery, cesarean births carry the risk of infection at the incision site. Journalist Lisa Ling developed an infection after her second cesarean birth, which was an elective, or scheduled, c-section. The infection required antibiotic medication and took an entire month to heal. Ling says that she regrets having had an elective c-section and wants other women who may be considering scheduling their cesarean birth to make sure that they understand all of the risks. Ling also says that the experience taught her that there are many things to consider when deciding how to give birth.

With cesarean births, there is also the risk that sponges and other surgical tools could be left inside of the incision site, possibly causing an infection which in some cases may even be serious enough to cause death. Injuries from infections and improper incisions are not the only types of injuries that can occur during cesarean births. Medications and anesthesia used during cesarean births can cause allergic reactions and other adverse effects. There also is a risk of adhesions, which are formations of scar tissue that can cause internal blockages or pain. Adhesions can even affect a mother’s subsequent pregnancies by causing conditions like placenta previa or placental abruption.

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