Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Injuries Caused by Cesarean Births

Giving birth is an experience that involves a certain amount of pain. However, it is a pain that women endure, often more than once, in order to experience the joy of raising children. While the pains of childbirth are short-lived for most women, some women experience injuries during childbirth that can have a long-lasting impact on their lives. There is the potential for injury any time a mother gives birth, but the surgical nature of a cesarean birth creates a greater risk of injury than is present during a vaginal birth.

A cesarean birth is a surgical procedure in which the baby is removed from the mother’s body through incisions which have been made in the mother’s abdomen and uterus. A cesarean birth can either be planned for ahead of time, which is often referred to as an elective C-section, or it can be unplanned. The risk of injury is approximately the same between cesarean births that are planned and those that are unplanned, which often happen under emergency circumstances. Some of the injuries that women experience when cesarean births are done incorrectly include nerve damage, kidney damage, infection, and damage to other parts of the reproductive system. Because C-section incisions are so close to where the bladder and bowels are located, there is a risk that bladder and bowel injuries may occur. If this happens, the injured woman may experience temporary or permanent urinary and/or fecal incontinence.

If the incision for a cesarean birth is made improperly, the woman can lose a lot of blood quickly, resulting in injury or even death, if the flow of blood cannot be controlled soon enough. If an artery is severed during the surgery, the woman may need to undergo an emergency hysterectomy to remove her uterus. An emergency hysterectomy can cause a great deal of physical pain, in addition to emotional trauma. The loss of a woman’s uterus means that she can no longer bear children, and to have such a loss take place suddenly can cause intense emotional pain and suffering.

Cesarean births, like all other surgeries, carry the risk of infection at the incision site. It is also possible that sponges and other surgical tools could be left inside of the incision site. When this happens, infection can occur and, if the infection is severe enough, death may result. Since a cesarean birth is a surgical procedure, anesthesia is part of the cesarean birth experience. Also, other medications used during cesarean births can cause adverse side effects or allergic reactions.

As a woman’s body heals following a cesarean birth, it is possible that adhesions could develop. An adhesion is a formation of scar tissue which can cause an internal blockage or severe pain. If a mother develops an adhesion after a cesarean birth, it may have a negative impact on her future pregnancies.

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