Crane Accident Injures Two Workers in Union County, Arkansas

Construction Site at Sunset

UNION COUNTY, AR- reports that one of the two men injured in a crane accident on Thursday, April 26, 2018, has died of his injuries. The two workers had been disassembling a crane when it collapsed onto them crushing them into the ground. The boom crane was being used as part of the construction of the Ouachita River bridge.

Fellow workers who witnessed the accident used a forklift to lift the crane off the injured men. Eduardo Vasquez was transported to the Medical Center of South Arkansas and was pronounced dead from his injuries. Elvin Bermudes was taken to the University of Arkansas medical center via airlift.

No other workers were injured in the accident.

Construction workers face a relatively high risk of work-related fatalities. Of the 4,693 private industry worker fatalities in 2016, 21% were in the field of construction. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are four categories of construction-related injuries that are responsible for a large number of workplace fatalities. These categories are referred to by OSHA as construction’s “Fatal Four.” The four categories are falls, which cause 38.7% of construction-related deaths, being struck by an object, which causes 9.4% of construction worker deaths, electrocutions, which lead to 8.3% of deaths, and finally caught in-betweens, which lead to 7.3% of construction-related deaths.

OSHA states that 631 American lives could be saved each year if the “Fatal Four” were eliminated. While OSHA reports that work-related fatalities have been on the decline, many of the work-related fatalities are preventable by following work-place and federal safety standards.

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