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Vehicle Fatally Hits Bicyclist During Cycling Event in Itta Bena, Mississippi

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ITTA BENA, MS. – According to a news report published online at, a vehicle fatally hit a bicyclist during a cycling event in Itta Bena, Mississippi. The events surrounding the accident are not entirely clear at this time, and Mississippi Highway Patrol is still in the process of investigating.* The accident occurred in the […]

Bicyclist Tragically Killed in Collision with Vehicle on Parkside Pl. in Jackson, Mississippi

bike under car with helmet in road

JACKSON, MS. – According to a news story reported online at, a bicyclist was tragically killed in a collision with a vehicle on Parkside Place in Jackson, Mississippi. The Jackson Police Department is still investigating the wreck, and officers are reportedly having trouble identifying the victim. The accident happened in the morning, close to […]

Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Cyclist Brain Injuries

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A cyclist has made a remarkable recovery from a serious crash that resulted in a serious brain injury, among other injuries. The accident put him into a medically induced coma for a time, and he has titanium implants throughout his face, but he has now reached a point where he can compete again. The connection […]

Mississippi Bicycle Accident Law and Frequently Asked Questions

John Giddens and Baskin Jones appeared on the radio show In Legal Terms answering questions regarding bicycle accidents. Senior associate dean and associate professor of the school of law, University of Mississippi, Matthew R. Hall, participated in the discussion. TSome of the topics included answering basic questions about bicycles and the law here in Mississippi. […]