Authorities Search for Driver Who Struck and Killed Tylertown Man

Jackson Mississippi – November 9, 2018 – The Enterprise-Journal reports that authorities continue to search for the driver or drivers who hit and killed Luther Kent Boyd on Highway 27. Boyd’s vehicle became stuck in a ditch when he attempted to turn it around, and he left the car and started walking along the road. As he walked, he was hit by two vehicles, a blue SUV, and a white car. Boyd died from injuries he received in the crash. Neither driver stopped after hitting him, and local authorities are working to locate the hit-and-run driver or drivers.

Unfortunately, this is not the only fatal pedestrian crash to happen recently in the area. A man was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver on Thursday, November 8, in West Oxford, Mississippi. Fortunately, the driver who caused that crash stayed at the accident scene and was apprehended immediately. Pedestrian accidents are tragic, and when drivers do not remain at the accident scene, they are even more so. Drivers must remain at an accident scene, whether they collide with a vehicle, a pedestrian, or an object. It is illegal to drive away from the scene of a crash, and yet people continue to do so. When drivers keep going after colliding with a person or another vehicle, precious time is lost. It takes time for rescue workers to arrive at an accident scene, so even if other drivers report the crash, the accident victim or victims are without potentially lifesaving assistance for longer than they would be if the driver who hit them or struck their vehicle stopped and stayed with them, giving whatever help they could. While it is true that drivers can be convicted of crimes related to hit-and-run crashes, those convictions do not bring back the lives lost because of them.