Multiple Wrecks Tie Up Traffic in Jackson, Mississippi

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Jackson, Mississippi – November 9, 2018 – WLOX reported that two automobile crashes slowed traffic in the Jackson metro area on Friday morning. A fatal accident is said to have occurred on I-220 North, and another crash slowed traffic on I-20 East. Traffic delays were reported in both areas, and drivers were urged to use caution as they traveled through the metro area.

When traffic is heavy, accident risk goes up. When a crash happens on a crowded road like the busy highways in the Jackson metro area, there is an increased risk that other vehicles will become ensnared in the wreckage of those accidents. Pile-up or chain reaction collisions happen when vehicles hit wrecked cars that are on or near the road. These dangerous and often deadly crashes can happen quickly, and within minutes, many vehicles can collide with each other and create a considerable risk to the occupants of those vehicles as well as the rescue workers who arrive on the scene to assist them.

Chain-reaction crashes are common on busy roads because when an accident occurs, the drivers in vehicles near the colliding cars may be unable to maneuver around the wrecked cars quickly enough to avoid hitting them. Also, when one vehicle hits another, one or both vehicles may change course or go out of control and could strike other cars that are nearby. Unfortunately, heavy traffic is not the only thing that can cause a pile-up accident. The weather can reduce visibility on any road, not just a busy highway, causing drivers to be unable to see wrecked vehicles in the way until it is too late to avoid hitting them. Drivers cannot always avoid becoming entangled in pile-up accidents, but they can reduce their risk by keeping an appropriate distance between their car and others nearby, and by driving at a speed that is appropriate for weather and traffic conditions.