NFL Concussion Litigation Motion to Dismiss Ruling

Some of you have been waiting for the results of the recent hearings on the NFL and Riddell’s Motions To Dismiss the NFL concussion claims. The motions and responses to these motions were argued on April 9, 2013. These motions are an effort to move the NFL concussion claims off of the runway before the cases get started.

The Supervising Judge in these cases, Judge Anita Brody, has announced that she will have reached a decision on these Motions to Dismiss on July 22, 2013. The NFL argued in their motion that their player contracts included arbitration clauses which have to be heeded before a lawsuit could be brought anywhere else. This arbitration clause has been ruled unenforceable by other courts recently and the same may happen here.

We are confident that these claims will move forward and our staff is poised to move quickly in this case once these matters are decided.

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