NFL Concussion Settlement

The NFL Concussion Settlement is nearing its “Effective Date” the date when the settlement finally begins going into action.

We thought highlighting some of the pitfalls of the Concussion Settlement, and its requirements may help players avoid costly mistakes and seek to provide some of this information in this entry, but will also be happy to discuss the settlement at any time at 888-335-2022 or 601-355-2022.

  • The NFL Settlement process will provide testing by physicians that the NFL had a hand in selecting.
  • The NFL will provide a Baseline neuropsychological testing in the settlement which will show any symptoms as they stand today, but will not monitor progression of diseases after the initial test
  • The NFL testing is for a limited period of time either 2 years (for age 43 and over) or 10 years (for under age 43)
  • The NFL will deny deficient claims in the concussion settlement
  • The NFL will appeal some players’ diagnoses/claims in the settlement
  • The NFL does not pay players travel costs for testing.

The Giddens Firm is in no way associated with the National Football League.