Mississippi Workplace Injury Attorneys Talk about Construction Work Injuries

If you work in construction, you are not likely to be surprised that a recent report issued by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics placed construction work among the top ten occupations for work-related injuries and illnesses. According to the report, which used information that was gathered in 2014, construction workers experienced over three hundred incidences of injury or illness requiring time away from work per ten thousand full-time workers.

Because of the highly physical nature of construction work, you are also not likely to be surprised to learn that the commonly injuries that were experienced by construction workers in 2014 were sprains, fractures, tears, and strains, tears. Workers who had been working for their employers between one and five years were the workers who experienced the most injuries. You may be interested in knowing that more injuries occur on Mondays than on any other day of the week.

Many construction workers are well aware that their jobs are more dangerous than most other jobs out there. Injury risks on the job are present whether you are building homes, bridges, office buildings, or anything else.  For this reason, many construction companies have policies in place which make workplace safety a top priority. However, construction accidents do happen, even on the safest job sites. Falls are a leading cause of construction site injuries, and they are also a leading cause of fatalities. Other construction-site injuries that may be serious or fatal include electrocution, being trapped between machinery or other items, and being struck by heavy objects. Injuries caused by repetitive motion and exposure to chemicals are also fairly common among construction workers.

Injured construction workers often have to leave work to obtain medical care, and some must remain away from work for a period of time as they recover from their injury. Sometimes, injured workers are unable to return to the same position that they were in prior to their injury. Workers who are severely injured may experience temporary or permanent disabilities which may have far-reaching impact on their day to day lives.

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If you have been injured at work, it is important that you see a doctor right away. You may be concerned about missing work, or you may not think that your injuries are serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor’s office. However, some injuries do not cause immediate pain, including some types of injuries that can be serious or even fatal if left undetected. You doctor can determine whether you are injured and suggest a course of treatment. In addition to visiting your doctor, be sure to fill out an accident report for your employer and keep a copy for yourself. You may also want to take down some notes so that you can remember important information about your accident later on. To learn more about how the Mississippi Workplace Injury Attorneys of the Giddens Law Firm, P.A. can help you with your workplace injury claim, please call our office today, at (601) 355-2022.