Mississippi Workplace Injury Attorneys Discuss Woodchipper Accidents

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A Mississippi man recently died in a woodchipper accident while he was at work. The man was trying to clear a jam in the machine, and the machine began to move while he was doing so. Last year, a North Carolina teen died in a woodchipper accident during his first day at work. Woodchippers are powerful machines, and anyone who works in a workplace where woodchippers are present must use caution to ensure that they work safely with and around wood chipping equipment.

There are multiple types of woodchippers, and all of them have the potential to cause serious injury or death. One type of woodchipper is the self-feeding mobile woodchipper. The self-feeding mobile woodchipper is the type of equipment that you often see at sites where workers are trimming trees. These chippers have a feeding mechanism, a rotating drum or disc that has the chopping knives mounted on it, and a motor to power the feeding and chipping mechanisms. There are often safety mechanisms like emergency stop buttons or pull cords that are designed to stop operation quickly in the event of an emergency. Most woodchippers function in similar ways, although they may look slightly different. Part of using any woodchipper safely is taking the time to learn about the particular machine that you will use at our workplace and learning how to use it safely.

In addition to proper training of all employees who will be using the woodchippers or working near them, regular testing of the woodchippers’ safety features before each operating session is an essential part of keeping workers safe. Working in teams increases worker safety when using woodchippers. Also, proper clothing is essential for safe operation of wood chipping equipment. Close fitting clothing without cuffs, non-slip footwear, hard hats, eye protection, hearing protection and close fitting gloves without cuffs are all part of a safe work uniform.

Good work practices can contribute to decreased accident risk when using woodchippers. Keeping hands and feet away from feeding areas is important, as is feeding branches into the chipper with the thickest part (butt end) going in first. Keeping the area around the chipper clear of tripping hazards and slippery conditions like ice or water can prevent workers from slipping or falling on or in the woodchipper.

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