Mississippi Birth Injury Attorneys Discuss Stillbirths

Sometimes, an expectant mother carries her baby until it is close to the time that they are expected to be born, only to have them die before or during delivery. When a baby dies at any point in time after the twentieth week of a pregnancy, the baby is considered stillborn. Most babies who are stillborn die before labor begins, though some do die during labor. There are a number of things which can cause stillbirth, including placental abnormalities, infections, birth defects, poor fetal growth, trauma, umbilical cord accidents, chronic health conditions, and others. Stillbirth is a tragic experience for all families who lose their children in this manner. When a stillbirth occurs because of medical malpractice, it is perhaps even more tragic because it is possible that the baby’s death could have been prevented if the mother and baby had received proper medical care.

A birth injury lawsuit involving a stillborn baby has been filed in Tennessee by the baby’s parents. In that case, the mother’s pregnancy lasted past her due date. When she was having abdominal pain and three hours’ worth of contractions that were ten minutes apart on the day after her due date, she went to the emergency room to receive medical attention. Despite the mother’s insistence that she felt as though something was seriously wrong, and without being given the ultrasound that she requested, the mother was discharged from the hospital with an instruction to follow up with her doctor after several days. The mother’s symptoms got even worse, and she spoke with an after-hours nurse who told her that she should only go to the hospital if her symptoms became so bad that they were unbearable. When she did arrive at the medical center, she was examined and the examination revealed that the baby had died. She delivered the stillborn baby shortly thereafter.

In this case, the mother’s medical records appear to contain information which points to a breach of the standard of care that amounts to medical malpractice. For example, the mother’s medical charts contain fetal monitoring strips that show heart rate decelerations that would have required continuous fetal monitoring. The mother claims that the continuous fetal monitoring was never provided, even though she asked for additional diagnostics and evaluation. The mother’s medical records also indicate that her baby died after the due date, and after what appears to have been a placental abruption.

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