Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Lawn Mower Accidents

Many of us use lawn mowers on a regular basis. However, many of us may not think about just how dangerous they can be. Two recent Mississippi accidents involving lawn mowers illustrate that lawn mower accidents can result in fatalities, in addition to serious and permanent injuries.

One lawn mower accident involved a ride-on mower that overturned into a pond. A man had been spraying chemicals on weeds that were growing next to the pond when the accident happened. The day before that tragic accident, a sixteen year old boy was killed in a lawn mower accident when the mower that he was riding on flipped over and landed on top of him.

In addition to fatalities, lawn mowers can cause injuries of all kinds, including some very serious and permanent injuries. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission keeps track of injuries that are associated with all different types of things that people use every day. It is estimated that over thirty seven thousand Americans are hurt or killed by power lawn mowers every year.

Foot injuries are a common type of lawn mower injury, and they range in severity from deep cuts to severed tendons to amputated toes and other severe injuries. Some of the people who have sustained foot injuries caused by lawn mowers were wearing sandals or walking barefoot while operating the lawn mower that injured them. Sneakers do not even provide much safety for your feet while operating a lawn mower. Work boots or other heavy shoes are the safest choice.

Operating a lawn mower causes certain parts of the lawn mower to become very hot. If your mower runs out of gas, allow it to cool off before refueling to reduce the risk of burns or fire. When you are done mowing, let the mower cool off before putting it away. Always avoid touching parts of the mower that could be hot.

Ride-on lawn mowers create additional risks, including the risk that they could roll over and cause the operator to be injured or killed. The risk of injury or death increases with the size of the ride-on lawn mower. Some ride-on mowers do have roll cages, which can prevent some injuries.

If you use a lawn mower, there are some things that you can do to reduce the risk that you or someone else will be hurt while you are mowing the lawn. Children must stay away from the area where you are mowing. Waiting for the grass to dry before you mow the lawn can seem like a hassle, but it is essential for your safety that you do so. If the lawn that you are mowing has a slope, mow slowly across it. If the mower becomes clogged, do not reach under the mower or into the chute. Turn the mower off and wait for the blade to stop moving before doing anything to dislodge the stuck material. Do not pull the mower backwards while it is running. If you are buying a new push-style lawn mower, look for one which shuts off automatically when you release the handle.

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