Mississippi Birth Injury Attorneys Talk about How Long Various Birth Injuries Can Last

If your child was born with a birth injury, one of the first things that you may have wanted to know is whether the injury was likely to be permanent, or whether your child would likely recover from it. Some birth injuries do heal, either fully or partially, after proper treatment. Other birth injuries, like cerebral palsy, are permanent and will require different types of care as your child grows and his or her needs change.

One thing that parents of children with birth injuries may not know is that your regular pediatrician may not be an authority on how long your child’s birth injury is likely to last. While they may be able to provide you with some information, it is a good idea to find a doctor who specializes in the care of children who are affected by the same type of birth injury as your child, and get a second opinion. Doctors who care for other children in similar circumstances can help your child develop a plan for treatment of your child’s birth injury. They can also provide you with an approximate timetable for recovery, if your child’s injury is one which they are likely to fully or partially recover from.

The birth injuries which are usually the quickest to heal are things like excessive bruising, broken blood vessels, and fractures. If your baby has Erb’s palsy, the degree of nerve damage will determine their chance of recovery. As swelling, pressure, and bruising recede after your child is born, it is possible that nerve function may be regained quickly, if the damage was mild. Another type of injury where the potential for recovery is directly are brachial plexus injuries. Some severe brachial plexus injures are permanent, but other, less severe cases are not. A doctor who specializes in treating brachial plexus injuries can examine your baby and tell you whether exercises or stretches could help with your child’s recovery, and whether any specific movements should be avoided.

Cerebral palsy is a birth injury which lasts a lifetime. When a baby receives too little oxygen during labor and delivery, their brain may be irreversibly harmed. Children with cerebral palsy require specialized care throughout their lifetimes, and doctors who specialize in treating children with cerebral palsy can help you to make a plan for treatment which will address your child’s needs at every stage of their growth and development, and into adulthood.

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