Mississippi Automobile Auto Attorneys Urge Drivers to Use Care on Dangerous Stretches of Road

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In some places, certain stretches of the road become notorious for being the sites of many accidents. While road construction has evolved considerably over time, there are still some places where the design of the road poses a higher risk to motorists in some locations than in others. One area where there have historically been many accidents is on Highway 12 in Starkville.

A study that was conducted by the Mississippi Department of Transportation revealed that during one five-year period, over one thousand six hundred accidents occurred on a seven-mile stretch of Highway 12. That number of accidents averages out to three hundred accidents each year. Fortunately, work will soon begin on a safety improvement project on that road. Various aspects of the project, such as new traffic signals, center-lane medians, new asphalt, and additional turning lanes, should reduce the number of accidents that occur there.

Highway 12 in Starkville isn’t the only place where road design and traffic patterns cause high numbers of accidents. Roadway defects cause many wrecks on American highways every year. Many factors can contribute to the kinds of unsafe road conditions that can cause accidents, such as failures to design, build, and maintain the roads according to State and Federal standards.

Louisiana has many, many miles of roadways. These roads require constant care and maintenance, and road crews are always busy trying to keep up with the repairs. Some of the roads were designed many years ago when engineers had much less information available to them about how to design roads safely. While Mississippi invests plenty of money in repairing and resurfacing its roadways, there are many, many miles of roads throughout the state.

In some places, repairs on dangerous stretches of road are not always able to be made as soon as they are needed. This is why drivers must always be on the lookout for road defects and hazards while they are driving. Potholes, cracks, confusing intersections, inadequate lighting, faded lane markers, and other defects in the road surface are not always visible to drivers until they are too close to them to avoid them. Accidents caused by road defects can damage vehicles and can also cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

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