How to Move Forward Successfully if Involved in a Mississippi Auto Accident

Automobile accidents cause a tremendous amount of hardship, suffering, and damage in Jackson, Mississippi.  Whether you experience physical pain and emotional injuries, property and vehicle damage, or the loss of income and wages, auto accidents can be serious and devastating.  Medical bills and expenses such as hospital, doctor visits, and physical therapy can be astounding.  For many families and individuals, such accidents can be overwhelming, as one struggles with pain, disabilities, and inconvenience, not to mention the potential loss of transportation.

Automobile accidents are not the only type of motor vehicle accidents. This also includes not only includes semi-trucks/18 wheelers, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, and pedestrians.  If you are involved in any type of motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, permanent disability, the loss of income and wages, and the loss of enjoyment of life.  The following steps will put you on track and provide you with the best protection moving forward should you find yourself involved in a motor vehicle accident:

  1. If you are able to, without jeopardizing or compromising any physical injuries sustained, contact the local police and report the accident immediately.
  2. Gather and exchange the following information with each driver involved in the accident.
    1. Driver’s name, phone number, and address
    2. Driver’s license number
    3. All driver’s insurance company contact information, including policy number if applicable and/or driver’s name is different than insured
    4. Vehicle owner’s name if different from driver’s
    5. Description of the car, including make, year, model, color, and license plate number
    6. Obtain the name of the owner and/or company if the vehicle involved is driven by an employee or a company car
  3. Make sure you record or document the facts of the accident to the greatest extent possible.
    1. Try using your mobile phone or camera phone to capture vehicle damage for all motor vehicles involved
    2. Include photographs of the intersection, and if possible the location of the vehicles prior to moving them on the scene
  4. Obtain any witness testimony and their personal contact information.
    1. It’s important that you do not solely rely on police officers to gather and obtain all witness information
    2. Often times, witnesses will depart the scene before police arrive, so don’t forget to obtain the name, phone number, address of all witnesses, as well as a statement of what they perceived
  5. Take photographs of noticeable, physical injuries immediately after the accident occurs.
  6. Be aware of agreeing to or signing any documents requested by other parties involved before consulting with your attorney.

If you are involved in an automobile accident and do not have counsel to seek advice and help from, contact the Giddens Law Firm before proceeding further with your claim against any parties or insurance companies involved.  You may be entitled to recover damages and receive compensation for the injuries you have suffered.  Gidden Law Firm has a vast amount of knowledge, expertise, and experience in the field of automobile and insurance liability law.

If you or your loved ones have been in an automobile accident in Jackson, Mississippi, contact the Giddens Law Firm today at 601-355-2022 for your free no obligation consultation!

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