Boating Accident Claims Life of Young Boy in Mississippi

Mississippi is home to numerous waterways, making boating a popular pastime among sport enthusiasts and families alike.  Unfortunately, boating and others water activities are not without risks.  Recently, a nine year old boy from New Orleans died in a boating accident on Mississippi’s Wolf River.  The boy and a sibling were being pulled in a tube by a boat piloted by their father.  The boat went around a bend and the tube containing the two young children hit a tree.  The young boy, who was wearing a life jacket, evidently died as a result of blunt force trauma.  His sibling miraculously was not injured.

This tragic death serves to highlight the need for increased boating safety.  The following is a list of the most common causes of boat accidents, intended to help you stay safe this boating season.

  1. Crowded waterways and inexperienced boaters: Summer is the perfect boating season and during these warm months the number of boats on the water surge tremendously.  Along with an increase in the number of boats on Mississippi’s many rivers and lakes, as well as in the ocean, comes a rise in the number of inexperienced boat operators.  Most summer boaters are only occasional drivers, and may lack the expertise that comes with regular boating.  Often, these boaters are out with friends and family, which can impair their attention.  Combine this with improper look out and collisions occur.
  2. Alcohol: More than half of all boating fatalities are associated with the consumption of alcohol by the operator of the boat.  What many people forget is that the operator of the boat must adhere to the same DUI laws that they would when driving their vehicle.  Drinking while driving a boat is not just a crime; it also endangers the lives of those aboard your ship and those around you.
  3. Speed: Speed boats are often purchased by those desiring to go fast on the waterways.  However, excessive speed diminishes lookout and awareness of the presence of obstacles, such as other boats or sandbars.  Moreover, boats do not have brakes.  Speeding can also be correlated to a failure to yield or give way to other boats, which often leads to collisions.  Speed frequently goes hand in hand with alcohol consumption, creating an even more dangerous situation.
  4. Failure of equipment on the boat: It is important to properly maintain your boat and regularly inspect its engine, navigation lights, rescue capacity, steering system, and communication system, along with other vital parts.  Sometimes, however, even with the best maintenance an equipment failure can occur due to a faulty part or due to improper installation or maintenance on the part of the boat repair technician.

If you are involved in a boating accident that may have been caused by the negligence of another operator, the negligence of the driver of the boat on which you were a passenger, or a faulty piece of equipment, call a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.  Your experienced personal injury lawyer will evaluate the cause of your boating accident and determine the best possible avenue for obtaining full recovery for your losses associated with the accident.

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