UPS and FedEx Ground Delivery Truck Accident Claims Lawyer in Mississippi

UPS and Fedex delivery truck accident claims lawyer.

Mississippi Trucking Accident Attorney Talks about UPS and FedEx Ground Delivery Truck Accidents in Mississippi

A woman died after getting hurt in a crash involving a UPS truck. The wreck also injured four other people. The crash happened at an intersection, and the impact pushed both vehicles, an SUV and a UPS truck, to the side of the road. The SUV got damaged on its front end, while the damage to the UPS truck is located on the rear of the truck, on the passenger side.

The people who were in the SUV who did not die sustained moderate to severe injuries. The UPS driver experienced minor to moderate injuries. Investigators have not yet released information about the cause of the wreck.

The weight and the size of delivery trucks can make for a high level of injuries and damage when one of those trucks gets in an accident. Some delivery trucks pose an even greater risk of harm to their drivers because they are designed with doors that can remain open while the driver is on the road. It is not difficult to see how the same open door that makes delivering packages easier also makes for a high risk of ejectment if the truck is involved in a crash.

The companies that own delivery trucks understand that accidents involving their trucks are a part of doing business. Delivery trucks are commercial vehicles, so dealing with a delivery company after a delivery truck wreck is similar to dealing with a trucking company after a tractor trailer crash. As with tractor trailer accidents, delivery companies usually dispatch an accident response team immediately after a crash. The team’s job is to collect information at the scene that the delivery truck company can use to support its position in any insurance claims or litigation that might arise from the wreck.

Drivers of passenger vehicles would do well to remember that the accident response team gets paid by the delivery company, which means that they do not have your best interest in mind. That doesn’t mean that they won’t try to talk to you because they want all of the information that they can get. Remember that you are not required to speak with them, Respond to their inquiries politely while giving them as little information as possible. Also, expect to get contacted by the delivery company’s insurance company shortly after the crash. They are contacting you in the hope that you will accept a settlement from them without contacting an attorney to see what your claim is worth. As aggressively as the settlement gets presented and as much as you want the money, do not accept a settlement before getting a clear idea of what your case is worth. Once you accept a settlement, you cannot reject it, so be careful not to jump on the first settlement offer that you get.

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