Richland Elementary School

On Friday, November 8, 2013, Jackson, Mississippi injury attorneys, John Giddens and Baskin Jones visited with Richland Elementary School students. The injury attorneys donated a total of 566 helmets to the school for the students and for the staff. “We wanted to make sure each one of these students had access to a helmet, because head injuries on a bike or a skateboard are often life threatening.” John Giddens said after donating the helmets. Many of the students had bikes or skateboards but did not yet own a helmet.

Before the students received their helmets, the Brain Injury Association of Mississippi educated the boys and girls on proper helmet use and showed the effects of not using a helmet by dropping a cantaloupe from shoulder height while the melon was strapped into a helmet and not strapped into the helmet. Judging by the gasps in the room over the cracked cantaloupe, it seemed like the young students understood the importance of wearing a helmet if you are riding a bike or skateboard.

The students had this to say about the presentation and about their assignment to tell their teachers what Attorney’s do:
“Attorneys tell people about the law. Attorneys got really nice suits. Attorneys always are important to you. They can help you when you are in trouble.”

“Thank you for our helmets! We are thankful for your kindness! – Mrs. Alvarado’s class.”

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