Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Mississippi Automobile Accident Case

While no car accident victim wants to harm their own automobile accident case, there are some innocent mistakes that victims often make which can have devastating consequences on their recovery.  The following is a list of commonly made mistakes that can harm your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries following an automobile accident:

  1. Delaying seeking medical treatment—this is an all too common mistake among car accident victims.  Often, after a crash, your adrenaline is pumping and you may feel uninjured.   Later, when the stress and excitement of the incident fades, you realize you have actually sustained injuries.  Your busy work or school week begins and before you know it, several days have passed and you still have not sought treatment.  The problem becomes this—the longer you wait to seek medical treatment, the easier it will be for the insurance company to make the case that your injuries did not stem from the accident.  There are many daily activities you may partake in, such as sports, physical labor at work, and more driving, that the insurance company will use every opportunity to argue are the actual cause of your injuries.
  2. Admitting fault—you have just been in a harrowing car accident.  You are confused, scared, and not thinking straight.  You then strike up a conversation with the other accident victim, in which you ponder whether perhaps the accident was your fault.  Or maybe, in your haze, you tell the police the accident was your fault.  Later, while thinking about the incident in the calm of your home, you distinctly remember the events and realize the accident was not your fault at all.  Unfortunately, your statements at the scene of the accident may limit or hinder your recovery.  This is why it is so imperative to not admit fault for the accident.
  3. Not going to your doctor’s appointments or treatments—everyone may need to reschedule an appointment or two, but if missing appointments becomes a pattern or if you stop going appointments or treatments, the insurance company will use this against you.  They will argue your injuries must not be severe or legitimate if you no longer need treatment or follow-up care.  Therefore, it is best to continue with your prescribed treatment and follow-up doctor’s appointments until your physician recommends discontinuance.
  4. Under-estimating the insurance company—despite friendly sounding agents who will try to befriend you, the insurance company will look for any means to disprove or deny your claim.  They will hire investigators that will look for evidence to hinder your recovery and they will record any statements you make concerning your injuries.  Keep this in mind when dealing with the insurance company and, if possible, avoid all contact with them without your attorney present.
  5. Failing to hire an aggressive, experienced Mississippi automobile accident attorney—your automobile accident attorney can mean the difference between a full and complete recovery and years of catching up on unpaid medical bills.  A zealous Mississippi automobile attorney will be there to represent your best interests.  Automobile accidents involve complex laws of fault and compensation.  You need the assistance of a skilled car accident attorney to provide you the best possible chance of recovery.

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