Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Canoe and Kayak Accidents

Warmer weather is finally here, and it seems like everyone is eager to get outdoors and have some fun. Mississippi is a great place to be outdoors, and the Mississippi river is a popular destination for many outdoor enthusiasts. The sparkling water seems like the perfect complement to the warmer weather and sunshine. Unfortunately, springtime is not the safest season for canoeing and kayaking, both on the Mississippi and on other bodies of water throughout the state. As tempting as it might be to head for the Mississippi river or your favorite body of water as soon as the ice has melted, there are a few reasons to pause and reconsider before taking the plunge.

Spring is marked by frequent flooding, and floodwaters move fast. Floods can also occur without warning, sweeping unsuspecting canoers and kayakers away in a rush of water. It can be difficult to paddle safely in flooded areas, and this increases the risk of canoe and kayak accidents. River and weather conditions can change in the blink of an eye, and large pieces of debris can be obscured from view by churning, fast-moving water, leaving boaters with no chance to avoid them.

When the river is not flooded, the cold water poses another danger to boaters because it decreases the chance for survival in the event of a capsize or other type of accident. When the water temperature is less than sixty degrees, canoe and kayak accidents are five times more likely to be fatal than they are when the water temperature is warmer.

Because of the dangers of early season canoeing and kayaking, water safety experts suggest waiting until May to venture out on the river. If you absolutely must go canoeing or kayaking now or at any other time, be sure to wear a life jacket. Awareness of weather conditions is another important safety precaution that canoers and kayakers should take to keep themselves safe while they enjoy the river. Check forecasts often in order to be sure that you have the most up to date information about what you can expect while you are on the water. Make a plan to be off of the water before the sun goes down, to ensure a safe conclusion to your outing. Float plans are also a good idea, especially since the cold water decreases survival rates, making it essential that boating accident victims are located promptly.

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