Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss ATV Accidents

A recent ATV accident in Pass Christian has claimed the life of one boy and has injured another. The thirteen year old boy who died in the accident had sustained blunt-force trauma to his head. This tragedy has shaken the entire community, and has brought the issue of ATV safety to the forefront.

ATVs are popular, in Mississippi and elsewhere. They have both recreational and practical uses, and they can be safe if riders wear helmets and ride properly. ATV accidents can cause many different types of injuries. Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, are very common in ATV accidents because of the high likelihood of ejection. The risk of ejection has been reduced somewhat, because some of the newer ATVs on the market are equipped with seatbelts. ATV accident victims can also suffer spinal cord injuries, paralysis, neck injuries, facial injuries, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones. Unfortunately, because ATV riders and their passengers can be injured so seriously, fatalities are not uncommon, especially when riders or passengers are not wearing helmets.

Just as there are a variety of injuries associated with ATV accidents, there are many things that can cause ATV accidents. Alcohol is a leading cause of ATV accidents, which is not surprising since alcohol slows riders’ reaction times and impairs their judgment. Other ATV accidents are caused by riders who are inexperienced, or by those who are too young to be able to operate them safely. Sometimes, even experienced riders can get into trouble when they ride too fast or operate ATVs in an unsafe way. Challenging or unfamiliar terrain, unexpected obstacles, and defective ATV design or repair are other things which may cause ATV accidents.

When ATV accidents happen, accident victims who survive may be left with serious injuries that could involve a lengthy recovery. This can add financial strain to the physical pain that they are experiencing, especially if they have to be out of the workplace for any length of time. The sudden and unexpected nature of ATV accidents can leave families struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one while trying to manage funeral expenses, lost wages, and other costs associated with their loss.

Fortunately, ATV accident victims and families who have lost loved ones in ATV accidents can often recover for their injuries or loss. There are a few parties who may be fully or partially responsible for the injuries or death caused by any given ATV accident. For example, an ATV owner may have been negligent in some way, such as failing to maintain it in a safe condition. The person who was operating the ATV at the time of the accident may also be responsible for some or all of the injuries and damages caused by the crash. In some cases, land owners, ATV manufacturers, and companies that make parts for ATVs may be responsible for some or all of the injuries or losses related to the accident.

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