Mississippi Automobile Accident Attorneys Talk about Chain Reaction Accidents

Last December, a horrific chain-reaction accident occurred near the border of Mississippi and Louisiana. The accident occurred when a tractor trailer collided with traffic that was stopped because there was debris in the road from an earlier accident which had occurred further up the road. Four people died in the wreck, and four others were injured.

This tragic accident, like many other accidents involving a chain reaction or a pile-up, caused a great deal of property damage in addition to multiple injuries and the loss of multiple lives. Chain reaction accidents pose additional risks to accident victims because of the manner in which they occur. For example, any accident can quickly turn into a chain reaction accident if the vehicles from the original accident are in or very close to the roadway and other vehicles cannot avoid them. Likewise, when vehicles are in or near the road, people who were inside of the vehicles are in danger of being hit by passing vehicles when they exit their vehicles to assess the damage. When a chain reaction accident occurs, accident victims are at an even greater risk of harm because they may be difficult to extricate from their vehicles if they are trapped inside of them by other vehicles in the wreckage.

Chain reaction accidents are dangerous, and they are often deadly. Drivers can take precautions which may enable them to avoid becoming entangled in a pile-up. One thing that you can do to greatly reduce the risk of a pile-up is to get your vehicle out of the road if you are involved in an accident and if you can do so safely. If one or more vehicles can’t be removed from the roadway, place flares or cones in the road if they are available. These devices can quickly get the attention of other motorists and help them to avoid a collision.  Once you are out of your vehicle, move to a safe place that isn’t too close to the road.

There is an increased risk of chain reaction accidents at any time when visibility is low due to rain, snow, fog, or other conditions. Slowing down when visibility is poor can give you the time and space that you need to react to other vehicles or objects in the roadway, thus reducing the chance of a collision. In any driving situation, leaving adequate space between your car and the car in front of you is another way that you can avoid accidents, including chain reaction accidents.

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