What Compensation Can I Receive in a Personal Injury Case?

If your personal injury case has arrived at a point at which negotiations have not resulted in an acceptable settlement offer and a lawsuit must be filed, your attorney will begin the lawsuit by filing a complaint against the party or parties whose negligent acts of omissions caused your injuries and damages. Many clients want to know what amount of damages we request in the complaint. At the Giddens Law Firm, we almost never request a specific amount of damages in the initial complaint which commences the filing of the lawsuit.  When we file a complaint, we ask the court to award the client the full amount of damages that are allowable under Mississippi Law.

When filing a complaint, asking the court to award the full amount of damages that are allowable under Mississippi law ensures that the client will not miss out on any compensation because the complaint asked for less than they could possibly receive. Similarly, asking the court to award the plaintiff an amount that is in excess of the amount that is allowed under Mississippi law could at the very least cause the court to take the client’s case less seriously, and at the very worst cause the court to be prejudiced against the client.

It is important that clients remember that each personal injury case is unique. The types of damages that you may be able to recover in your particular case will depend upon the circumstances of your accident and the impact that your injuries have had on your life. Medical bills are the type of damages which are most commonly associated with accident cases and personal injury cases, but there are other types of damages, too.

Lost wages are another common type of damages, because many accident victims have to miss work because of their injuries. You may also be able to recover damages related to the specific nature of your injuries, or whether your injuries have left you fully or partially disabled either permanently or temporarily. In cases where your injuries affect your ability to return to your job, you may be able to receive damages for any loss in your earning capacity.

The physical pain and suffering that you have already endured, that you experience now, and that you are expected to experience into the future may also be compensable. If your accident caused you severe emotional distress or mental anguish, you may be able to recover damages for that. Other past, present and future costs associated with the accident, such as property damage, rental car fees, and other expenses may also be recoverable depending upon the circumstances of your case.

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