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Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Water Sports Accidents

Summer is still in full swing on the lakes, ponds, and other waterways of Mississippi. Boating and other water sports are a fun way to beat the heat, but they are not without their risk. A boat racer recently got hurt during the final heat of the D-Hydro Class at the National Boat Racing Association Long Course National Championship on Raccoon Lake. The man took a corner at high speed, lost control of his boat, and got thrown out of it. The boat’s propeller came into contact with the man’s foot, and cut him. He got taken from the water in a rescue boat and brought to a hospital by ambulance.

Boat racing is just one way that people have fun on the water. Many people spend time enjoying recreational boating, fishing, wakeboarding, tubing, waterskiing, and using jet skis. Water sports enthusiasts learn how to operate watercraft safely for the types of activities that they like, and most of the time their water sports outings are both safe and fun for everyone involved. Unfortunately, water sports accidents like the boat racing wreck mentioned above can happen, and they can result in serious injury or even death.

There are many things that cause water sports accidents. For example, some water sports accidents are caused by the actions or failures to act of people who drive boats or other watercraft. Other accidents get caused by excessive speed. Boats can collide with other objects in the water for a few reasons, including inadequate lighting. Alcohol use while boating impairs a person’s ability to operate their boat safely. Boat passengers or people who are using wakeboards, tubes, water skis, jet skis, or other water sports equipment also increase their risk of injury or death if they consume alcohol before or during their participation in water sports.

Boaters and others who participate in water sports can take steps to keep themselves and those who are with them safe while they enjoy time in the water. Operating boats and jet skis at safe speeds, wearing life jackets, and following manufacturers’ instructions for safe use of all water sports equipment are just a few ways that you can make your trip to the lake, river, or beach safe and fun for everyone. As an additional safeguard, keep an eye on the weather forecast both before and during your water sports outing. Weather conditions can change quickly, and what started out as a beautiful day to be on the water can turn dangerous in a hurry if boaters and other water sports participants get caught up in heavy rain, wind, or thunderstorms.

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