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18-Wheeler Truck Accident Injuries and Wrongful Deaths

by our Experienced Trucking Accident Attorney in Mississippi (MS)

Thousands of people die in crashes involving large trucks each year in the United States. Trucks outweigh passenger cars by thousands of pounds, meaning that a collision between a truck and another vehicle will often result in fatal consequences for the person in the smaller car. While many people lose their lives in these incidents, even more, suffer severe injuries in truck crashes.

Although there are many types of injuries a person may suffer in a truck crash, some injuries frequently occur in these collisions.

Head trauma and resulting brain injuries are one of the likely consequences of a truck crash. In some instances, a person will sustain a head injury that is visible. Cuts and bruises may indicate the location where a crash victim struck their head against the steering wheel or other parts of the car. In other cases, crash victims suffer closed head injuries, which may be completely invisible on the outside but can cause severe symptoms nevertheless. In a closed head injury, the victim could suffer cognitive impairment resulting from a concussion, or even more severe traumatic brain injuries. The results can be long-lasting or even permanent.

Spinal cord and neck injuries are other common types of harm experienced in truck crashes. A person who sustained a severe injury to his or her neck can suffer from paralysis. Varying degrees of paralysis are possible, including those that impact the lower limbs, all limbs, or worse. These injuries can be permanent, leading to devastating changes to a person’s life.

When a person’s limbs are crushed or severed in an impact with a truck, the result can be an amputation. Victims may lose the limb in the crash, or they could have suffered such severe damage to the limb that surgical removal is necessary.

The injuries caused by truck crashes can impact a person’s wellness, employment, finances, and mental health. In the aftermath of a wreck involving a large truck, it is important for victims to obtain experienced legal counsel. Compensation for a person’s injuries can help cover the extreme medical costs and loss of income that are commonly caused in these horrific incidents.

In the event of a truck accident, talk to our 18-wheeler accident lawyer about your rights and legal options.

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Giddens Law Firm offers clients a one-on-one, client-to-lawyer experience. Mr. Giddens gives your case the attention you need and deserve.  He has handled countless personal injury cases throughout Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Mr. Giddens focuses on serving those who have been victims of crashes involving 18-wheeler tractor-trailer semi-trucks, and is able to represent the victims as well as the families of those who have passed in such wrecks.  Not only does Mr. Giddens represent the interests of those hurt in these wrecks, but he also studies the trucking industry and follows new developments in it so that he can remain at the forefront of trucking litigation.  Mr. Giddens has served as an ambassador for the implementation of side underride guard protections, which can substantially prevent death or serious injury in nearly 75% of trucking crashes when installed.

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