Dangerous Defects: Nissan and Toyota Recall Over 700,000 Vehicles

Drivers of Nissan Infinite M sedans and Toyota Sienna minivans, beware!  These vehicles are part of a mass recall by their manufacturers because they contain defects that could, and have in some cases, cause serious accidents.  Here is a look at the recall broken down by vehicle:

Nissan Infinite M Sedan

Nissan has announced the recall of 100,000 Infinite M sedans.  Models from 2006-2010 are affected in the recall.  The recall is sparked by a defect in the car that creates the potential for it to lose power.  The defect is due to unstable sensors which could cause the vehicle to stop when idling or even when coming to a stop.  The faulty sensor may also prevent the vehicle from accelerating as fast as the driver intended.  Although Nissan claims it is unaware of any injuries or accidents linked to the sensors, it has received multiple complaints. The sensor is also installed in several other Nissan models, including the Lafesta and Serena, but most of these models were exported to Japan.

To fix the problem, the accelerator pedal assembly in each affected car must be replaced.  Reprogramming is also required for the engine control module.  Despite the lack of accidents reported thus far, the potential for injury due to this sensor seems grave given the possibility of an Infinite M model simply coming to a stop at random.

Toyota Sienna Minivan

Meanwhile, Toyota has recalled Toyota Sienna Minivans manufactured in its Indiana plant from 2004-2005 and from 2007-2009, which encompasses some 615,000 vehicles.  The recall is due to a defect in the shift lever which can cause the minivans to unexpectedly rollaway.  Specifically, it is possible to take the minivan out of “park” without depressing the brake.  Toyota allegedly received over 21 reports of minor accidents due to the defect.

Recovery for Your Injuries Due to a Defective or Recalled Car Accident

Nissan and Toyota are just the most recent manufacturers making headline news for large factory recalls.  Millions of U.S. vehicles are recalled each year after reports of accidents, injuries, potential hazards, and wrongful deaths.  Car manufacturers have a duty to warn drivers of potential defects, but sometimes they fail to do so in a timely manner, resulting in serious and sometimes fatal accidnets.  Toyota has actually been found guilty of such action before.  In 2010, the car manufacturing giant was fined $16 million by the U.S. government after investigations revealed the company knew of a sticking gas pedal for months before it chose to issue a recall.  Defects in Toyota manufactured automobiles, as well as several other large car manufacturers, have been linked to dozens of wrongful deaths.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident involving a defective or recalled car, it is imperative you consult with a licensed Mississippi automobile accident attorney as soon as possible.  You may be able to recover for your injuries or losses in either a personal injury or wrongful death action.  Some common defective parts in automobiles include: sticking gas pedals, as in the case of Toyota; tires; brakes; sensors and valves; and ignition interlocks.  Liable parties in your personal injury or wrongful death action may include the automobile manufacturer, distributor, or vendor.

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