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Mississippi Truck Accident Lawyers Discuss Unique Challenges in Pursuing Tractor-Trailer Accident Claims

While all motor vehicle accidents can result in drivers and passengers experiencing devastating permanent injuries, trucking accidents present a disproportionate risk of serious injury, as well as unique challenges in seeking compensation.  Because tractor-trailers can outweigh a small economy car by 25 times or more, the basic principles of physics dictate that such collisions are […]

Mississippi Car Accident Attorneys Discuss Why Text Messaging Is Still a Common Cause of Collisions

Despite the enormous efforts to raise public awareness regarding the dangers of texting and driving, drivers distracted by their cell phone while reading or sending a text continue to be a significant cause of catastrophic injury and wrongful death.  At any given time, approximately 660,000 drivers are distracted by electronic devices or cell phones according […]

Mississippi Ignition Switch GM Chevrolet Cobalt Recall, Pontiac G5, Solstice, Saturn Ion, Sky Recall

News sources are reporting that an investigation has been started by the United States Legislature into if something should have been done sooner about General Motors (GM) vehicles with bad ignition switches which have resulted in several deaths. GM has issues a recall pulling back those vehicles that have been implicated in these fatal crashes. […]

Jackson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Discusses Risks Associated with Growing Popularity of Novelty Helmets

If you ride motorcycles in Jackson and the surrounding areas of Mississippi, you are well aware that many drivers fail to pay attention to the presence of motorcycle riders.  Because motorcycles are smaller than four wheeled vehicles, drivers of passenger vehicles frequently fail to notice or account for the possible presence of a motorcycle when […]