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When Fun Turns Tragic: a Look at Amusement Park Accidents

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Amusements parks are engrained in American tradition.  The roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, cotton candy, and endless entertainment make a trip to the amusement park a joyous family occasion.  Sometimes, however, that amusement park trip takes a catastrophic turn.  Recently, a 52-year-old Dallas woman was thrown from her seat on the Texas Giant, a 14 story Six […]

Accidental Death Rates are on the Rise in Mississippi and Nationwide

Recent studies reveal two trends in accidental death rates: the overall accidental death rate appears to be climbing, while rates have plunged nationally for children and teens.  Studies reveal that the accidental death rate on the whole has been steadily increasing over the past few years, both in Mississippi and nationwide.  Accidental death rates are […]

Injuries in Youth Sports on the Rise in Mississippi

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Youth sports have become interwoven into American culture. Over 60% of all children play some form of sport outside of school.  This equates to over 4.5 million children in the U.S. playing a youth sport each year.  Many of these children develop high hopes of moving up to the big leagues.  However, for some, this […]

Mississippi Lawmakers Look to Pass Youth Sports Concussion Law

Each year, over 50,000 individuals die and 275,000 are hospitalized from traumatic brain injuries, also known as concussions.  Of these deaths and hospitalizations, approximately 173,000 concussions are youth sports related.  Sadly, the annual rate of traumatic brain injury among young athletes seems to be on the rise.  In fact, emergency room visits for sports related […]