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The Act of God Defense in Mississippi Personal Injury Cases

Couple Reading Letter About Husband's Injury

An injury that is catastrophic may wipe out the finances of even the most affluent family.  Specifically, losses such as lost wages, hospital bills, and other damages can accrue rather fast.  Those who sustained injuries due to the negligence of another should expect that the careless driver’s insurance carrier will cover at least a portion […]

Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyers Explain Why You Can’t Just Sue the Insurance Company After Your Accident

If you have been injured in a Mississippi automobile accident, you may be in for a surprise. Whether you have lived in Mississippi for your entire life or you have recently moved here, there is something that you do not likely have reason to know until you or someone you know is involved in a […]

Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Injuries Caused by Cesarean Births

Giving birth is an experience that involves a certain amount of pain. However, it is a pain that women endure, often more than once, in order to experience the joy of raising children. While the pains of childbirth are short-lived for most women, some women experience injuries during childbirth that can have a long-lasting impact […]

A Profile on Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys: Part II

How much do you really know about personal injury attorneys?  In Part I of this two part series profiling Mississippi personal injury attorneys, we addressed some basics about what a personal injury lawyer is, how personal injury law developed, how one becomes a personal injury attorney, and what a personal injury lawyer makes a year.  […]