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Mississippi Auto Accident Attorneys Discuss the Claims that Can be Raised by Spouses and Children of Mississippi Accident Victims

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you are probably well aware that you may file a claim for the injuries and damages that you sustained as the result of that accident. Unfortunately, you may also be painfully aware of the ways in which your accident has affected the lives of your loved […]

Re-examining Mississippi’s Child Safety Restraint Laws

Earlier this year, a 21 month old toddler was killed in a car accident in Vicksburg.  While any child death is tragic, what makes little Brooklyn Weimer’s death so devastating is the fact that it was entirely preventable.   At the time of the accident, Brooklyn was not restrained in a car seat.  According to first […]

What to Do if You are in an Auto Accident in Mississippi

Automobile accidents—they can happen at any time, in any place, and generally when you least expect it.  In fact, in the state of Mississippi, automobile accidents happen on average every hour of everyday.  The moments following a car accident are highly stressful and chaotic.  To this end, we have prepared the following guide to assist […]

Determining Fault in Mississippi Automobile Accidents

Liability and fault in an automobile accident refers to the responsibility and obligation of the party that caused the accident to make amends.  The burden of the party at fault is usually fulfilled by compensating the injured party injured for medical expenses or property damage sustained as a result of causing the accident.  Generally, a […]